Inauguration of 2013

Full text of president robert gabriel mugabe's inauguration speech as he took the oath for a seventh five-year term on august 22, 2013. Report: beyoncé lip-synced national anthem at inauguration: is the moment tarnished by michael slezak / january 22 2013, 9:27 am pdt 150 share this . Richard blanco, who speaks at inauguration 2013, will be only the fifth poet to speak on inauguration day even john kennedy was wary that a.

inauguration of 2013 The first map above displays road closures and traffic alerts for inauguration  weekend blue lines indicate roads that will have emergency no.

The president addresses gender equality, gay marriage, the economy and the environment in his inaugural address. Having completed the inaugural day festivities and surprising guests on white house tours, president barack obama will be heading back to. All eyes were on president donald trump yesterday, inauguration day 2017 a large number of those eyes were fixed on fox news channel,.

Full text of pope francis's inauguration homily by pope francis posted tuesday, 19 mar 2013 pope francis's inaugural mass in st peter's square (photo: pa. Ex-presidents bush skip obama inauguration catalina camia and david jackson, usa today published 10:46 am et jan 21, 2013 | updated 12:18 am et. January 21, 2013 at 2:27 pm et by matt compton summary: read the official transcript or watch the video of president obama's second inaugural address. The second inauguration of barack obama as president of the united states, marked the commencement of the second term of barack obama as president and joe biden as vice president a private swearing-in ceremony took place on sunday, january 20, 2013 in.

The president's second inaugural address embraced american exceptionalism and invoked the founding creed of the declaration of. Let's, for a second, retreat to january 2013 four years ago, barack obama had just been elected to his second term as president of the united. One really good thing about 2014 will be the swearing-in of a democratic governor, lt governor, and attorney general, for the first time since 1989 (we got. Chicago girl who performed at obama's inauguration killed in shooting i disagree” so far in 2013, chicago has seen 42 homicides in 2012. Now that we know all about michelle obama's swearing-in ceremony outfit, let's discuss what all the other stars wore how grown up do malia.

Photos: best of 2013 inauguration – president barack obama and first lady michelle obama head out for their first dance together at the. Examples of work as director of design for the 2013 presidential inauguration of barack obama. Inauguration day 2013 all you need to know for the day: where to eat, rest and what to see today, president barack obama will take the oath. I'm not going to see this again': beaming obama savors his second inauguration as he takes michelle on walkabout among hundreds of. Beyoncé admits lip-synching at barack obama's inauguration beyoncé faced the music at a news 10:19pm gmt 31 jan 2013 the singer said she's a.

Inauguration of 2013

Today, the 57th us presidential inauguration took place in ave as they prepare for the inauguration parade, on january 20, 2013 in. The lee university festival choir performed at the 57th inauguration of the festival choir performed on one of the world's largest stages on january 21, 2013. President barack obama is sworn in during the public ceremony as first lady michelle obama looks on during the presidential inauguration on. Obama's inauguration, brought to you in part by corporate america 11:46 am, january 18, 2013 updated: 12:19 pm, may 19, 2014 president.

  • The president's second inauguration was one of the biggest news events of 2013.
  • President barack obama gives his inauguration address during the public ceremonial this article was amended on 21 january 2013.

Barack obama participated in inauguration ceremonies at the capitol in washington, dc on monday to mark the beginning of his second term. Barack and michelle obama at the 2009 inauguration every four years, washington welcomes thousands to celebrate the official inaugural. Published: january 21, 2013 reporters and editors from the new york times offered context and analysis on president obama's inaugural address.

inauguration of 2013 The first map above displays road closures and traffic alerts for inauguration  weekend blue lines indicate roads that will have emergency no.
Inauguration of 2013
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